Is Your Child Safe in Public School?


  Is The Future oYour Child Worth 4 Minutes of Your Time?

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 Your children deserve the best education available to them without living in fear. That’s what we provide at Arts Academy of Estrella Mountain. 

The top 7 reasons you should enroll your children at our charter school. 

  1. Zero (-0-) Tolerance Policy
  2. Character Counts Program
  3. FAME Curriculum (Performing Arts)
  4. Parent University (Parents Can Learn, Too)
  5. We Graduate Well Rounded Humans
  6. Technology Driven Learning
  7. It’s Free! There is no cost to getting a better education for your student. 

Below is an explanation of our 7 reasons above. 

Zero (-0-) Tolerance Policy 

We do NOT allow gangs, bullying, drugs, fights, or other types of behavior which cause students to feel stressed, anxious, depressed, and afraid.  We have a stellar record in preventing these activities on and around our campus. 

Character Counts Program 

We teach Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring, and Citizenship. We recognize and reward students who exhibit these characteristics. Our students strive to earn this recognition. 

FAME Curriculum

  • Music, Drama, and Dance are integrated into the school’s core curriculum.
  • Students develop problem-solving and critical-thinking skills.
  • Students develop craftmanship and a sense of pride.
  • Students learn teamwork.
  • Helps students develop appreciation for the world around them.
  • Gives students an outlet for their creative juices.

Parent University

Parents can learn too!  Classes are offered to parents to help you develop better English skills, technical skills and other areas which may be needed to help you and your children succeed. 

We Graduate Well Rounded Humans 

A school should not only educate students in traditional subject matter but also develop students as well-rounded humans. The real reason schools exist is to prepare children to become successful adults. 

In addition to traditional subjects, our FAME (performing arts) program, sports programs, and technology instruction prepares our graduates for their next level of education and adulthood as well-rounded people. 

Technology Driven Learning

As the world relies more and more on technology, it is important that schools keep pace. We strive to integrate technology into our curriculum. Chromebooks are supplied to our students, so lack of money need never be a roadblock.

It’s Free!

Arts Academy of Estrella Mountain is funded by the State of Arizona through your tax dollars.  There is no cost to you to have the best education available for your children.

 What others say:

 “I have been involved in vision screening in schools for the last several years and have screened thousands of kids in many school districts.  The kids at Arts Academy were the best behaved and most respectful of any school I have worked with.” 

           Lion Chuck Trautman

           Pinnacle Peak Lions Club


"Late July 2021 my children and I moved to West Phoenix from the East Valley, where my children spent many years in the Phoenix Elementary School District.  My children attended kinder to 7th grade at Emerson Elemenatry. Knowing only one   school their entire lives, they were scared to make the change, so I reassured them that this new school be a place to flourish. I explained to my kids that there would be new activities, clubs and a chance to meet new friends to on to high school with.

On the first day of school they went in scared and come home so excited about all that Arts Academy at Estrella Mountain had to offer, from classrooms to the amazing teachers, and all the events to be held all school year. My children expressed to me that although they missed their old school, Arts Academy was more personal with teacheing, provided more structure on a day to day basis and gave them an opportunity to be creative in expressing their talents.

I was happy to hear that on a day they dreaded so much, actually turned out to be a great first day to an amazing school year. My kids actually look forward to going to school, participating in hands on school projects and being part of a school community that is involved in the future of our kids.

To say the least, moving my children from a public school to Arts Academy at Estrella Mountain, was the best decision I made for them; I just wish I would have made the change sooner.

On a postive note, my youngest child started kindergarten here and he gets to spend the rest of his school years to come at one of the best schools I have seen in a while."

Jasmine Castillo 
Jasmine Castillo


"I attended Arts Academy @ Estrella Mountain from 1st  - 8th grade. In my years at AAEM (Arts Academy at Estrella Mountain), I discovered my strengths and passion for performing arts, that I currently use in high school. My teachers brought out my hidden talents and encouraged me to embrace each and everyone of them.

Throughout the years as I grew older, I became more involved in clubs and after school activities that were being offered.As a member of the Scorpion Dance Company, I had the opportunity to participate in local city events and competitons. I was also the school mascot.... Go Scorpions!

I have many memories from AAEM that I will always carry in my heart.  Thank you to the teachers and staff at AAEM for making me a well rounded student."  

Isabella Fernandez 
Former Student 

 Isabella Fernandez


For more information on enrollment or to schedule a tour of our campus, please contact

Diana Fernandez at 623-474-2120 or via email at