Academic Resources

Virtual Instructional Schedules

While we are instructing through virtual resources, our schedule for students will look different.  Here are the individual grade level schedules that we will follow.  Live lessons will be conducted in both the AM and PM sessions, but your child will only be required to attend one of those live sessions.  The opposite session will then be utilized for Independent Study, Intervention, and lesson reinforcement.  Also note the Specials Schedule will be updated for each new grading period.  Please contact the front office with any questions you may have.


All Students:

  • Clever - This is a one-stop shop for all of our curriculum, plus extra programs that your child has an account with!  Sign in with your school ID and password and you'll automatically have access to every app!  In order for Clever to automatically log into some of the sites, you'll need to install the Clever Browser Extension by following the instructions here.  If you need your child's log in information, please email Mr. Schiff at