Character Counts

Parents and Guardians, we are proud that AAEM will again be implementing the Character Counts Program at our school. This renowned character education program was developed to instill non bias values that everyone can agree too. The program uses six pillars to establish character:

Trustworthiness focuses on honesty, reliability, reputation and loyalty.

Respect focuses on tolerance, manners and emotions.

Responsibility focuses on discipline, preparation, and accountability.

Fairness focuses on sharing, following rules, and team work.

Caring focuses on kindness, expression, and being forgiving.

Citizenship focuses on the community, laws, the environment, and collaboration. 

In order for the program to reach its full potential, the school, teachers, parents and the community must have a healthy relationship in which they collaborate on decisions for the betterment of the school. The Character Count Program has been used, by schools across the country, to assist with creating a positive climate and culture on campus. Although Character Counts are not meant to replace the discipline policy of AAEM it will assist in shaping the behavior of all students.