Parent Testimonials

"Wonderful school with the best professionals and great environment. Everyone is friendly and respectful definitely a school where everyone treats each other like family. I’m grateful for everything the AAEM team has done for my children."
Eunice B.
"I have only good things to say about the school. My kids attended Arts Academy from kindergarten to 8th grade, and I am beyond thankful that my kids had and have excellent and amazing teachers. This school has excellent curriculum; the performing arts and the ASU program offered at this school are excellent. I am so grateful that my two kids attended the ASU classes. Every day, my kids are being challenged academically. When needed, I can always count on having good communication with the teachers, administration personal, or the parent liaison."
Maria M.
"The environment and atmosphere here at Arts Academy is amazing! The staff and teachers are amazing and are always on top of things. My kids have been coming here for years and I recommend people bringing their children here."
Guadalupe P.
"My oldest attended AAEM from kindergarten straight through eighth grade. He always had helpful, caring teachers who had a good connection with their students. He is fully prepared both academically and socially for high school. I couldn't be prouder. All my kids have had great experiences (or had bad ones met with good resolutions). As a parent, I enjoy the willingness the school shows to try new angles when things aren't working. I'm a huge fan of performing arts and the way all specials classes try to work together on events. The front office staff is always very friendly and knowledgeable. The nurse really cares for the students. Overall, the entire school tries to communicate with students and their families."
Amber K.
"I'm very pleased with the school and its staff. My daughter loves coming here. Her teachers have all been excellent and very good with communication about academics and activities going on within the school."
Andrew T.