Performing Arts: Drama

Theater is the quickest way for a human being to share with others what it is to be alive. While developing personal drive and discipline, it allows students to be creators in their own artistic process. It teaches confidence, teamwork, and the creative process which will lead to success in the real world. In general, Drama provides all students the opportunity to develop fundamental group- and self- assessment skills, problem-solving skills; the ability to connect the literature being studied to a variety of cultures, history, and other content areas. Drama and theater students will learn to reach their audience through storytelling, movement, and expression. All of our theater programs provide opportunities for students to develop skills in critical listening and thinking, as well as stage presence, ensemble work, and aesthetic awareness culminating public performances.

K - 5th Grade Drama

Drama for our younger grade levels begins with the basics and focuses on the foundation of performing. These classes are designed for students with little or no theater experience and promotes enjoyment and appreciation for all aspects of the theater arts. Class time focuses on performance by exploring Improvisation, creative dramatics, vocal training, and movement. Our goal is to introduce students to acting while developing their basic performance skills as they grow here at PLC. 

6th - 8th Grade Drama

Drama for the older grade levels is designed for students with more performance experience.  They continue to promote enjoyment and appreciation for all aspects of theater, but do so through opportunities to build significantly on existing skills. They are held to a higher standard of accountability in their own creative development as they take charge to put together their own shows. They get the chance to follow their interests in theater and to be part of a team. Through the rehearsal process students will focus on characterization, improvisation, creative dramatics, scene work, play-writing, and directing.

Drama Club

All 5th - 8th grade students are invited to participate in AAEM’s after-school Drama Club which focuses on performing full length plays, as well as inspiring a love of theater within their community. This club puts together three different shows throughout the year, as well as working on small performances for the school as occasions arise.