Newsletters, General Information, and School Tips


Parents, thank you for your patience as we hold fundraisers throughout the year.  The purpose a fundraiser is to reduce the cost of any event to assist the students in not having to pay the full price for of the event.  We realize times are difficult and we appreciate all the support you have shown us thus far. 


Parents please make every effort to have your child arrive to school on time.  The tardy line is becoming longer and longer and we really need for students to be in class at the start of the instructional day which is 8:00am.  We have extended the time to eliminate students from being marked tardy.  To assist us with this, please attempt to arrive a little earlier so students can be considered on time.

After School Pick Up

Parents, it is important that students are being picked up on time after school ends.  Unfortunately, some of us are consistently late in picking our children up from school and it is causing teachers, who have to stay late with the children, to miss important meetings or scheduled appointments they may have.  The school day officially ends by 3:30pm.  We understand traffic can be a burden however; students must be picked up in an adequate amount of time.

School Safety

Due to the size of our school, the city has provided us with a crosswalk and an electrical cross walk sign to inform drivers that this is a school zone and that they should abide by the speed limit.  Please inform your children that if they are not crossing in the cross walk not only can they be hit by a moving car but it also violates the dismissal process.

Cafeteria News

Free and Reduced lunch forms must be filled out every school year for renewal.  If you haven’t filled one out for this year, please do so.  You can do it online at or get a copy of the form the front office. 

For parents who qualified last year, but have not filled out a form this, your child’s lunch is now full price. Parents are responsible for the cost of lunches.

Cyber Bullying

Cyber Bullying is considered bullying and any student who is caught bullying another student via the computer or in class will be automatically removed from school and possible removed permanently from AAEM depending on the severity.  Every student has a right to attend school and feel safe why they are here. We want students to enjoy attending our school so if you are aware of your child being picked on at school, please let me know or have them to inform me so I can assist them.

Often, administration is not aware of students being picked on until the parent gets involved.  Please encourage your child to take action by completing a bullying form located in the front office.  WE CAN ONLY FIX WHAT WE ARE AWARE OF.